London, Ontario, which is proudly known as The Forest City, is home to nearly 400,000 residents. It is a hub for higher education, medical research, manufacturing, and technology.

London benefits from a diverse community both in terms of ethnocultural background and religious diversity. As more newcomers join the city, that diversity will only grow.

In addition to the settlement services that are available, newcomers may want to reach out to various community groups or religious organizations that are familiar to them. These groups often provide a wonderful complement to the settlement services in helping newcomers better integrate into their new communities. Many people in these groups have gone through the process of immigrating to London themselves, and can provide you with support and information.

In London, as in the rest of Canada, religious rights of every individual are respected. London has a large community of different religious groups including, but not limited to: Baha’i, Buddhist, Christianity, First Nations/Inuit/Metis, Hindu, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism.

London is a community rich in artistic expression. Whether you enjoy leisurely walking through a gallery to look at paintings and sculptures, or whether you prefer to sit back and watch a play or attend a concert, you will find multiple opportunities throughout the city.

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